Mrs Push

About Mrs. Push

Melissa’s Story- A Labor of Love

Melissa’s passion for fine metals and gems began at an early age. Her loving family celebrates every milestone with a gift of fine jewelry. She still treasures her first bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, each of which carries a special memory.

Melissa is on a mission to turn memories into pure gold. Mrs. Push was born following Melissa’s husband’s frantic, unsuccessful search for a personalized push present that he found overwhelming. Melissa recognized an opportunity to streamline the gifting process. She stocked Mrs. Push with endless customization options, featuring signature birthstones, sculpted initials, and engraving services. Melissa also pays tribute to the unique mother-daughter bond with a showcase of related upscale jewelry for moms and their mini-me’s.

Not everyone who has a baby is a “Mrs.” Melissa believes that all women should be honored for their labor. Melissa curates jewelry that pays tribute to the diverse families of today. As a former fashion buyer, she selects on-trend jewelry with the mindset that it can become a unique family heirloom. Mrs. Push is Melissa’s labor of love.

Congratulations on your new addition!

Beginning Motherhood with Mrs. Push:
Child-Centered Presents That Honor Your Story

Using my long-time experience as a designer women’s buyer to predict trends and curate collections, I have carefully chosen a just-right array of options for push presents at Mrs. Push. Here you’ll find a catalog of pieces that are trendy, tasteful, edgy, and fashion-forward yet have an heirloom quality to them. Keeping in mind that motherhood is unique for each mother, my aim is that mothers get exactly the push present they want to celebrate the birth of their child. Our jewelry tells the tale of your motherhood with your style in mind.

Where heritage meets elevated style

Mrs. Push puts on center stage gifts for mothers that are emblematic of their experience. Childbirth is a milestone, and our gifts are a representation of that. Curated to fit the elegance of high fashion and the youthfulness of modern trends and styles, our jewelry pieces are iconic reminders of a timeless relationship.

A personalized piece to commemorate your baby’s big day

Birthstone or initials? Rose, white or yellow gold? Are diamonds your best friend, or does mom prefer gemstones? You’ll recognize the unique look you’re going for once you see it. And at Mrs. Push, we can customize the perfect push piece that will tell your story.

Mother-Daughter Bracelets and Necklaces That Honor Your Bond

There is an undeniably unique relationship that exists between a mother and her daughter. As your baby grows into a child and then into young adulthood, your bond will change, grow, be challenged, and be strengthened. With mother-daughter bracelets and mother-daughter necklaces from Mrs. Push, you can celebrate the beauty of the one and only relationship you have with your special girl.

Given in a moment that lasts a lifetime

Whether it’s for her birthday, a holiday, or for no particular reason at all, a mother-daughter jewelry set is what makes that moment extra special. She’ll remember that instant forever, because these uniquely crafted and curated pieces are designed to last a lifetime, both in quality and in style. Perhaps in a few decades, she’ll be noticing how her bracelet catches the light or how comforting that necklace feels, just as it did the day you gave it to her.

Unique and chic, just like you

Mrs. Push understands that the dynamic between you and your daughter is like no other. That’s why our designs are unique – just like the two of you. You may find the perfect, on-point design for you right in our online shop, or you can request a custom piece to capture the essence of who you are together. From the shade of gold to the hue of the gem, your mother-daughter design will be yours and yours alone.

Curating jewelry that captures the joy of motherhood at Mrs. Push

A push present is one that celebrates your new addition and mother-daughter jewelry exemplifies your special relationship with your daughter without compromising your style! At Mrs. Push, you will find pieces that already tell your tale with customizations that will add that personal, motherly touch that you’ve been dreaming of. Visit our online boutique for stress-free shopping and find the perfect push gift today.